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From the Blog

Remaining Flexible by Dianne Vapnek, October 2, 2014

flex·i·bil·i·ty fleksəˈbilədē/ noun the quality of bending easily without breaking. When David Asbell, the Executive Director of the Lobero Theatre, told me that the requests to him for theatre bookings during the period of late winter when DANCEworks artists have been in residence had grown dramatically, I knew a request to move our DANCEworks “season” would follow.  So it did. Flexibility is all important, I believe, in responding to cues from others.  Especially when old patterns no longer work as well as they once did.  Therefore, I am happy to announce that DANCEworks 2015, will take place during the month of September, 2015.  You won’t see us on the Lobero marquee next year in February, March or April. Please hold on  with the exciting thought that … Continue reading