New Yawk, Larry K and Spring!

New Yawk New Yawk it’s a wonder-full town! I’ve been humming to myself since arriving on the East Coast, just in time to welcome Spring and attend Larry Keigwin’s Opening Night at the Joyce Theatre.  Grass, such as there is, is now green.  Birds, such as there are, have found a reason to sing, and giddy pastel crocuses are blooming in the most unlikely places. The daffodils are waiting in the wings. Rather than looking determinedly grim, while rushing from place to place, the locals have acquired a leisurely air and are happy to mill about out of doors.

There was a palpable buzz among the spiffy looking group of theatre-goers and Larry-lovers as we stood under the Joyce marquee in the still mild daylight/ evening hour, awaiting the opening of the theatre doors and an eagerly anticipated performance. I was pleased as punch to be a part of it all, with my family and Brian Brooks at my side.

It was a wonderful program, with older and new,newer and newest works sharing the bill.  It also just got a wonderful review in the NY Times. The crowds packed into the after party benefit with lots of reasons to feel in a celebratory mood.

Yippee -eye-oh!  Larry heads West on March 29th to join us for a month of his magic in Santa Barbara.

Hey, Californians, Not too early to buy those Lobero Theatre tickets for Keigwin’s April 23, 24 performances.

About Dianne Vapnek

Born and raised in Holyoke, Mass. and studied dance for years and years and years! Ballet training with Anatole Bourman in Springfield, Mass. and then studied contemporary with Margaret Jenkins and Bill Evans among others. Founded SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara in 1997 as a 3-4 week contemporary dance festival. In 2010, began a creative residency program in partnership with the Lobero Theatre, called DANCEworks as an ongoing project of SUMMERDANCE..
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4 Responses to New Yawk, Larry K and Spring!

  1. megan says:

    sounds amazing. bring ‘em back here!

  2. Dianne Vapnek says:

    oh yes, won’t be long now!

  3. Alan Kaplinsky says:

    I’m sorry I missed Larry. I just read the review in the NYT. Should be a terrific perf in SB.

  4. Dianne Vapnek says:

    Yeah, it was terrific! Come on out in april. We’re only a long plane ride away! xoxSis

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