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JFK’s Legacy, Lest We Forget

I was just a young pup when John F. Kennedy was inaugurated as president, but the image of that exceedingly cold, blue-sky, snow covered day has remained with me throughout my life.  I was surprised to learn on NPR that January 20 was the 50th Anniversary of his swearing in.  Such promise and such glamour reminded me of the high hopes felt recently at Obama’s inauguration. But, times have changed. Fifty years ago, JFK invited Robert Frost to recite a poem at his  inauguration ceremony.  It was the first time a poet had been invited to participate and created quite a stir.  He invited 85 year old cellist Pablo Casals to perform at the White House to give an unforgettable … Continue reading

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This Party’s Over. Time to Get Ready..

I can finally say today that the party’s over.  The holiday/birthday fest that began at Thanksgiving and ended with an invigorating, glorious Big Birthday celebration in NYC over the weekend has played itself out at last.  Thanks to all family and friends who helped me celebrate and to Doug Varone, Brian Brooks, Larry Keigwin and Nicole Wolcott for dancing the slide with me. It doesn’t get better than that! If not for Aszure Barton in Holland, Tamango in Germany, and Doug Elkins having begun his West Coast tour of Fraulein Maria, I might have staged a mini revival of  the SUMMERDANCE festival. The timely conclusion of this  party season, (with its abundant opportunities to overeat and over drink) definitely prevented me … Continue reading

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Can I Get Enough?

Can a person who loves dance ever see too much of it? Ha! When I first began attending APAP in 1998, a BIG national annual conference dedicated to bringing presenters (those who present performing arts) and performing artists together for mutual benefit, I thought I needed to see it ALL. My insatiable appetite was driven by the belief that if I just hung in there, I would find the undiscovered genius, just right and ripe for the SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara festival. Like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off, my partner in crime, Laurie Burnaby and I ran all over the city to different venues to see back- to- back 15 minute dance showcases from established dance companies, up-and- coming dance … Continue reading

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