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The Simple Pleasures

Simple.  The word has taken on a certain cachet in our frenzied new century.  Marketers think so too.   There’s Simple shoes, Simple magazine,, even a simple living network (now defunct) whose motto was “learning to do more with less.”  I’d never thought a whole lot about the word simple, until this summer of simple pleasures. All this “simple” stuff sent me to the dictionary. As an adjective, its meanings are pretty clear. easy to understand, deal with not elaborate or artificial not ornate or luxurious Several weeks ago, while settling in to a vacation on very quiet Shelter Island, I found myself dialing down after the freneticism and myriad distractions of NYC.  I spent countless hours collecting and sorting seashells, horseshoe crab shells and small stones that cover the … Continue reading

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BUSK in Italy

Just a quick DANCEworks update: Aszure Barton & Artists are in Spoleto, Italy this weekend, performing at the Festival dei Due Monde. This is just another step in Busk’s world domination tour. In other news, Larry Keigwin opened Jacob’s Pillow last month, and Doug Elkins just performed this past weekend at The Yard in Martha’s Vineyard. We are so proud of all our Choreographers-in-Residence! We want to again thank our DANCEworks supporters. Our residency is having a national and international impact, and helping these wonderful choreographers to build their repertoires and careers. We look forward to sharing the coming year (featuring Brian Brooks) with you and with the community of Santa Barbara!

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