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There’s always the possibility of getting hokey when writing words of gratitude.  Our culture is inundated with platitudes about gratitude.  Here are a few more:   By now, you’re either gagging or loving these sentiments.  But, come this time of year, I can’t resist thinking of all that I’m grateful for.  Since this is a blog about dance, I’ll skip such obvious  targets as the sunrise, the moon, my family etc.  and move right to the stuff of dance. * Very grateful that I’m still moving decently enough to continue to practice Tai Chi as well as to shake my ass in a zumba class. *Very grateful for having such a gratifying role in helping the careers of dancers I … Continue reading

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Five Years, Cheering and Counting!

Woo-hoo and yowza and hoo-ray!  DANCEworks is entering its fifth year in 2013.  So much to celebrate. Last spring we decided that, after four years of heavy use, it was time for a DANCEworks website upgrade. The revamp didn’t “just happen” with the snap of our nimble fingers, but with months of tweaking, refining and asking ourselves “what’s most important?”.  The remodel just launched today, so please check it out.  It’s more navigable, organized and edited, while placing more emphasis on the things we think you most want to know.  We hope you like our new look! DANCEworks focuses intently on our mission to provide America’s most promising and established contemporary choreographers with the gift of time and space to make … Continue reading

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It’s All in the Family

  “A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold.”- Ogden Nash Family.  Such a loaded word with so many complex meanings that vary for each of us.  It’s a term that is universally understood and emotionally charged.  For the purposes of this blog, I want to talk about my family of dancers and choreographers. When I visit NYC, much of my time is divided between visiting my related family and what I’ve now come to consider my chosen dance family.  Each group brings pleasure, meaningfulness and richness into my life.  My interactions with them deepen my perspectives and expand my horizon.  We connect eagerly and instantly as … Continue reading

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Welcome Brian Brooks

  When you meet choreographer Brian Brooks for the first time, the first words that might come to mind to describe him are preppy, nice, engaging, clean cut, bright and clever.  But then you might notice the demonic twinkle in his eyes.  hmmmm.  When you learn his artistic history  your descriptive words  expand to include bold, daring, and risk-seeker.  He’s a man not afraid to wear pink.  That’s Brian on the right, performing at SUMMERDANCE. In case you haven’t guessed or heard it, Brian Brooks has been selected to be our Danceworks 2012 Choreographer-in-Residence. Following on the heels of Aszure Barton, Larry Keigwin and Doug Elkins, Brian’s residency will give audiences a chance to see the enormous and exciting range … Continue reading

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BUSK in Italy

Just a quick DANCEworks update: Aszure Barton & Artists are in Spoleto, Italy this weekend, performing at the Festival dei Due Monde. This is just another step in Busk’s world domination tour. In other news, Larry Keigwin opened Jacob’s Pillow last month, and Doug Elkins just performed this past weekend at The Yard in Martha’s Vineyard. We are so proud of all our Choreographers-in-Residence! We want to again thank our DANCEworks supporters. Our residency is having a national and international impact, and helping these wonderful choreographers to build their repertoires and careers. We look forward to sharing the coming year (featuring Brian Brooks) with you and with the community of Santa Barbara!

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Review of Aszure Barton’s BUSK

Here’s a review from January’s Dance Magazine of Aszure Barton’s BUSK, which began at Aszure’s 2009 DANCEworks residency. Aszure & Artists Mertz Theatre Sarasota, FL October 8–10, 2009 Reviewed by Eva Yaa Asantewaa Busk. What a great title for Aszure Barton’s spanking new ensemble dance, a world premiere at the inaugural season of the five-day Ringling International Arts Festival in Sarasota, FL, co-presented by the Baryshnikov Arts Center and the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. I can just imagine the gifted Canadian choreographer mulling over this commission, licking her chops, thinking about all the things buskers—street performers—do to lure audiences and earn a little cash. Wikipedia spells it out: acrobatics, animal tricks, balloon twisting, card tricks, clowning, comedy, … Continue reading

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BUSK!  Happily begun at and co-commissioned by DANCEworks 2009.

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Autumn in New York

I am back in Santa Barbara, marveling at the clarity of the air and the quiet of the streets.  NYC is truly an alternate universe.  It is one of my great pleasures in life, while in New York, to reconnect with dancer and choreographer friends I have made over the years.  When possible we meet for dinner and if I’m very lucky and the timing is right, I have the pleasure of watching them rehearse. My NYC experience was intense as it almost always is.  I watched in awe as Aszure Barton shuttled between rehearsals at ABT and BAC (Baryshnikov Art Center). Aszure shared a program of new work with choreographers Alexi Ratmansky and Benjamin Millepied, set on ABT dancers … Continue reading

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