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  I walked into the quiet theatre yesterday on the second week of DANCEworks 2013, eager to see what Larry Keigwin was up to. To enter the theatre on an ordinary non performance day is to enter a sanctuary.  A very different kind of  “space.”   Somehow the spirits of past performances seem embedded within the walls of the Lobero theatre. Larry’s four male dancers arrived in Santa Barbara on Sunday.  He had told me he was about to start a new work with his entire company, after completing a female trio last week. I was unprepared for the beautiful sight before me, of Larry and his wonderful dancers at work, deep in the process of creation.  In less than … Continue reading

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Open Call to Join the Dance

Keigwin + Company is currently touring Hawaii.  In between-performances, they are resting up, for what they know will be an intense and demanding residency at DANCEworks in February. The residency will launch with an Open Call on Tuesday, February 12, 6-9 PM at the Lobero Theatre.  We are inviting the public to join the company in making an irresistible new music video that is expected to go viral as soon as it hits youtube!   The cast of professional dancers will be joined by dozens of Santa Barbara residents, young and old.   The group will dance in front of stunning backdrops throughout picturesque Santa Barbara.  See below:           Handsome, charming and witty choreographer Larry Keigwin … Continue reading

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Stopping Time

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of a good photographic dance image! I’ve looked at hundreds of dance photos over the years .  Some good, many bad, and a few great.  The great ones are fascinating.  As a child, I was given a book with many photos of the great Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova.  I poured over those evocative images, taking in every detail, as if I could make the images come to life by simply staring at them.  I was fascinated by the lines of Pavlova’s body, her pointe, and her gorgeous costumes. Just what makes a powerful photographic image?  Is it the charisma of the artist or the talent of the photographer?  Or both?       How … Continue reading

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Whooooosh.   That was the sound of January flying by.  Soon to be followed by an equivalent sound of February taking flight. All of which signals to me that March 4, 2012 will arrive before I think it should.  Our 4th season. Time to start rallying the troops! Here’s What I Want You to Know: Brian Brooks Moving Company arrives for their month long residency at the Lobero Theatre on March 4.   While in residence, Brian has decided to  set a work on any members of our community who want to be in on the fun of working with a NYC choreographer and his company members. Dancers and non dancers are alike are welcome to participate.  Remember what fun … Continue reading

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Fooling Around

    Readers:  Sorry to be so out of touch for so long!  All those not- to- be -ignored holidays, travel,whisky and wild parties consumed  my waking hours. Ok, I was just taking a break. I assume you were too. But now, there can be no more excuses for fooling around.  How about just a little less fooling around?  If I were to go completely cold turkey in the Fooling Around category, what fun would that be?  For anyone? So before I sort of settle down to the business of the production of DANCEworks 2012, let’s enjoy silly for one more moment. A good friend of mine, who is the yummy essence of silliness herself, recently sent me links to two … Continue reading

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Welcome Brian Brooks

  When you meet choreographer Brian Brooks for the first time, the first words that might come to mind to describe him are preppy, nice, engaging, clean cut, bright and clever.  But then you might notice the demonic twinkle in his eyes.  hmmmm.  When you learn his artistic history  your descriptive words  expand to include bold, daring, and risk-seeker.  He’s a man not afraid to wear pink.  That’s Brian on the right, performing at SUMMERDANCE. In case you haven’t guessed or heard it, Brian Brooks has been selected to be our Danceworks 2012 Choreographer-in-Residence. Following on the heels of Aszure Barton, Larry Keigwin and Doug Elkins, Brian’s residency will give audiences a chance to see the enormous and exciting range … Continue reading

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BUSK in Italy

Just a quick DANCEworks update: Aszure Barton & Artists are in Spoleto, Italy this weekend, performing at the Festival dei Due Monde. This is just another step in Busk’s world domination tour. In other news, Larry Keigwin opened Jacob’s Pillow last month, and Doug Elkins just performed this past weekend at The Yard in Martha’s Vineyard. We are so proud of all our Choreographers-in-Residence! We want to again thank our DANCEworks supporters. Our residency is having a national and international impact, and helping these wonderful choreographers to build their repertoires and careers. We look forward to sharing the coming year (featuring Brian Brooks) with you and with the community of Santa Barbara!

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Life moves forward.  The curtain has come down on DANCEWORKS 2010.  Months of planning.  Hundreds of decisions, large and small. Fund-raising. Hours of on-line promotion.  Facebook ad Nauseum.  Doubting, cajoling, laughing, and ultimately, trusting that it would all work out. Rehearsals (about 150 hours), videos, photos. Anxiety transforming into elation. Respecting process as much or more than product.  The magical synergy of live performance with a responsive, laughing, clapping audience.  I got a first hand lesson for the deep longings we each harbor for creating community. After years of presenting, I’ve learned to try and temper expectations.  There are too many wild cards.  We seriously had no clue as to how many local people would stick with the rehearsal demands of Bolero … Continue reading

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Beach Blankets Gone Wild

It  is both fascinating and moving to watch the process of creating  Bolero SB.  In less than a week, choreographer Larry Keigwin has captivated everyone while creating a new, if temporary, performing community.   After watching rehearsal tonight, I left the theatre reflecting on how focused everyone was in learning the work, and most significantly, how joyful everyone seemed.  This is most definitely NOT a group of professional performers.  Most are taking a crash course in  learning stage direction, timing, movement qualities and spacing.  The assembled group is random except for the fact that all live in Santa Barbara.  Each brave soul responded to a request to be a part of  a performance directed by  someone most had never heard … Continue reading

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New Yawk, Larry K and Spring!

New Yawk New Yawk it’s a wonder-full town! I’ve been humming to myself since arriving on the East Coast, just in time to welcome Spring and attend Larry Keigwin’s Opening Night at the Joyce Theatre.  Grass, such as there is, is now green.  Birds, such as there are, have found a reason to sing, and giddy pastel crocuses are blooming in the most unlikely places. The daffodils are waiting in the wings. Rather than looking determinedly grim, while rushing from place to place, the locals have acquired a leisurely air and are happy to mill about out of doors. There was a palpable buzz among the spiffy looking group of theatre-goers and Larry-lovers as we stood under the Joyce marquee in … Continue reading

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