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There’s always the possibility of getting hokey when writing words of gratitude.  Our culture is inundated with platitudes about gratitude.  Here are a few more:   By now, you’re either gagging or loving these sentiments.  But, come this time of year, I can’t resist thinking of all that I’m grateful for.  Since this is a blog about dance, I’ll skip such obvious  targets as the sunrise, the moon, my family etc.  and move right to the stuff of dance. * Very grateful that I’m still moving decently enough to continue to practice Tai Chi as well as to shake my ass in a zumba class. *Very grateful for having such a gratifying role in helping the careers of dancers I … Continue reading

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  I walked into the quiet theatre yesterday on the second week of DANCEworks 2013, eager to see what Larry Keigwin was up to. To enter the theatre on an ordinary non performance day is to enter a sanctuary.  A very different kind of  “space.”   Somehow the spirits of past performances seem embedded within the walls of the Lobero theatre. Larry’s four male dancers arrived in Santa Barbara on Sunday.  He had told me he was about to start a new work with his entire company, after completing a female trio last week. I was unprepared for the beautiful sight before me, of Larry and his wonderful dancers at work, deep in the process of creation.  In less than … Continue reading

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Open Call to Join the Dance

Keigwin + Company is currently touring Hawaii.  In between-performances, they are resting up, for what they know will be an intense and demanding residency at DANCEworks in February. The residency will launch with an Open Call on Tuesday, February 12, 6-9 PM at the Lobero Theatre.  We are inviting the public to join the company in making an irresistible new music video that is expected to go viral as soon as it hits youtube!   The cast of professional dancers will be joined by dozens of Santa Barbara residents, young and old.   The group will dance in front of stunning backdrops throughout picturesque Santa Barbara.  See below:           Handsome, charming and witty choreographer Larry Keigwin … Continue reading

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C’mon Y’all!

 I was a cheerleader  all through jr. high and high school.  Basketball and football  fans admired my high split jumps, as did I.  I did my best to entertain and rally the crowds at games, even though I probably understood about 25% of the action. I loved the excitement. If truth be told, I also enjoyed showing off.   After hunting for an hour on the internet, I just uncovered this photo.  It gave me quite a jolt to look back at the reality of my supposed “glamour.” My husband just quipped that we look like a bunch of cheerleading Catholic nuns !  Not far from the truth. Hey, Holyoke was a small New England Irish Catholic city in the … Continue reading

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Whooooosh.   That was the sound of January flying by.  Soon to be followed by an equivalent sound of February taking flight. All of which signals to me that March 4, 2012 will arrive before I think it should.  Our 4th season. Time to start rallying the troops! Here’s What I Want You to Know: Brian Brooks Moving Company arrives for their month long residency at the Lobero Theatre on March 4.   While in residence, Brian has decided to  set a work on any members of our community who want to be in on the fun of working with a NYC choreographer and his company members. Dancers and non dancers are alike are welcome to participate.  Remember what fun … Continue reading

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Welcome Brian Brooks

  When you meet choreographer Brian Brooks for the first time, the first words that might come to mind to describe him are preppy, nice, engaging, clean cut, bright and clever.  But then you might notice the demonic twinkle in his eyes.  hmmmm.  When you learn his artistic history  your descriptive words  expand to include bold, daring, and risk-seeker.  He’s a man not afraid to wear pink.  That’s Brian on the right, performing at SUMMERDANCE. In case you haven’t guessed or heard it, Brian Brooks has been selected to be our Danceworks 2012 Choreographer-in-Residence. Following on the heels of Aszure Barton, Larry Keigwin and Doug Elkins, Brian’s residency will give audiences a chance to see the enormous and exciting range … Continue reading

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Moved to Tears

Tears of joy don’t come often in life.  When they do arrive, they catch me by surprise.  It’s a deep experience.  Spiritual too.  The ego is lost for a moment in the miraculousness of the present moment. So it was this morning, as I sat in the Lobero Theatre watching the Elkins dancers rehearse and create their new work, Mo(or)town Redux. Doug was as focused as a laser beam, asking the dancers to repeat various sections of the work, so that he could judge what was right or wrong. He sat intently watching in the audience as well,  hopping back on stage to give quiet points and suggestions to the dancers.  They would try again.  In between long takes, the … Continue reading

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You Know You Want It!

Tell the Truth. Have you ever danced secretly to super market music? Have you ever fantasized about working with a famous choreographer? Have you ever thought how much fun it could be to suddenly let loose and dance in public? Did you watch Bolero Santa Barbara last year and wish you had volunteered to participate in it ? NOW’S YOUR CHANCE in a LIFETIME to make those fantasies come true.  No prior dance experience required!  Everyone Welcome. DANCEWORKS 2011 is gathering momentum to produce a dance Flashmob in downtown Santa Barbara, to the music of Motown, with famous NYC choreographer Doug Elkins.  Doug will be in residence in Santa Barbara from Feb. 22-until March 19.  Come join in the fun! … Continue reading

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A Rush to Revisit Busk

Like a child before a birthday, for much of December I’d been counting down to the NYC debut of Aszure Barton’s Busk.  The day finally arrived, as they have a habit of doing. We had carefully strategized the pre-theatre flow of the evening so that we would have ample time for dinner and then a taxi ride to the theatre for an 8 O’clock curtain. We neglected to factor in unusually slow restaurant service and chaotic holiday traffic. At 3 minutes to 8 we were still blocks away from the theatre caught in bumper- to- bumper traffic. Initially, I was able to contain my frustration, but ultimately, as the seconds ticked by, I decided it would be faster to walk.  Leaving … Continue reading

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New Yawk, Larry K and Spring!

New Yawk New Yawk it’s a wonder-full town! I’ve been humming to myself since arriving on the East Coast, just in time to welcome Spring and attend Larry Keigwin’s Opening Night at the Joyce Theatre.  Grass, such as there is, is now green.  Birds, such as there are, have found a reason to sing, and giddy pastel crocuses are blooming in the most unlikely places. The daffodils are waiting in the wings. Rather than looking determinedly grim, while rushing from place to place, the locals have acquired a leisurely air and are happy to mill about out of doors. There was a palpable buzz among the spiffy looking group of theatre-goers and Larry-lovers as we stood under the Joyce marquee in … Continue reading

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