40 Hours in Santa Barbara

What is it about choreographer Larry Keigwin that makes him so mellow, so go-with-the-flow, so cool, so gracious, so easy to be around and just so damn nice?? Even my often grouchy husband was charmed, conceding, yeah, he’s just terrific. We crammed in a weekend of meetings and a welcome reception for Larry that generated a non-stop 40 hours of activity and the momentum required to launch our DANCEworks 2010 season and the Keigwin & Company residency here March 28-April 24. We’re all smiling!


I held my breath that we’d have some interested SB folks who’d meet Larry at the Lobero Saturday noon and want to participate in his Bolero SB performance which will be a work involving the community. They came! By the time Larry finished describing the Bolero SB project to those who’d assembled to meet him, the mood was decidedly upbeat in the Lobero auditorium. After my husband had privately declared that I was wasting my time trying to get skateboarders onboard (npi), I was particularly grateful to the great guy from the Church of Skatan who came to check things out!  Thanks too, to Roger Durling for taking the time out of his very busy pre-SB Film Festival prep to join us. And thanks to organic farmer Tom Shepherd who left his post at the Saturday morning farmer’s market, offering to share his formidable frisbee skills. Aerialists, bicyclists, fire-dancers, dog trainers, dancers, yogis, flamencas and kids will all be a part of the unique mix that will ultimately produce Bolero SB, reflecting the curious, zany, passionate, outdoorsy, health-obsessed life we enjoy in Santa Barbara.


We’re thanking whatever lucky stars are hanging overhead for holding off today’s torrential rains and giving us a picture perfect weekend for Larry’s perfect 40 hour visit. Thanks to all who participated and provided their inputBoleroSB3-02. Stay tuned…

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  • megan January 18, 2010  

    Yeah- he’s totally adorable and incredibly open to being in the moment and ‘new ideas’do not scare him. He rocks. Bolero is gonna be AMAZING.

  • Dianne Vapnek January 19, 2010  

    Yes, I agree! You want a cameo?

  • megan January 23, 2010  

    cameo? yes. absolutely.

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