The Beauty of Beach Towels

“Curtain Up!  Light the Lights!”  bellowed Ethel Merman in Gypsy.  We’re almost at that Bellowing moment.  Four weeks of intense and often hilarious Bolero SB rehearsals are drawing down.  The beach costumes have been brought in by the local performers for try-ons.  That was as giddy a scene as kids dressing up for Halloween.  The excitement meter, if there were such an instrument, would be off the scale.

Larry has been tying the pieces together in this week’s rehearsals, adding details and counting, counting, counting, always in sixes, hoping that the performers will remember their cues to enter the stage.  You hear him command “reset” over and over as they polish each section and get comfortable with their entrances and exits, trying not to run into each other as they exit the stage into the wings.  We’ve had a few mishaps, but no calamities!  He’s always peppered with questions, but never loses his cool.

Yesterday afternoon, as the lighting designer cast a golden glow over the stage, and the performers stretched out their beach towels arm to arm, I asked myself in all sincerity, “How can beach towels be so beautiful?”  I had tears in my eyes as I watched it all come together.   It was a moment of awe at everything that everyone had accomplished!  From comments I’ve heard from some of the local performers in Bolero, this experience has been life-altering for them.  A small community has been created that has brought forth art for the larger community to share. It’s been a joyous process to witness.

Christopher Lancaster

Exits, the new work that Larry is creating for his company, will be previewed at the performances .  New York City Cellist/composer Chris Lancaster joined the company  last week to add his musical genius to the mix.  It’s all being created on stage minute by breathless minute. The dance is intense, exciting and darker than Larry’s usual work.  The live music fills the space with a ferocious energy that seems to drive the dance, but it could just as easily be the dance driving the music.

We finally posted the Keigwin interview on this website under multi-media  .  I’m very pleased with everything Larry had to say, myself, not so much.    I heard far too many distracting mmm-hmm’s coming out of my mouth,  in the misguided attempt to let Larry know I was listening to everything he had to say.  I think I’ll keep my day job.

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