VIA (Very Important Announcement)

I was about to tell our readers that it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.  Then I began to think about the origin of that odd phrase that I’ve unwittingly repeated on so many occasions.  The explanation gave me pause.

“This expression alludes to the dishonest practice of a merchant at a market substituting a worthless cat for a valuable pig, which is discovered only when the buyer gets home and opens the bag. [Mid-1700s]”

Is this really the way I want to announce our DANCEworks 2011 resident choreographer?  Maybe not.

So let me try a more formal approach.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Doug Elkins will be our next resident choreographer!

February 22- March 18.

details to follow!

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  • Megan Matthieson October 16, 2010  

    This is a beautiful and exciting thing! Yayyyy!

  • Kathleen Martin October 16, 2010  

    All Right!!!!

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