The Journey Begins with a Mac n Cheese

Every journey begins with a single step. So said Lao Tsu or Confucius. I love beginnings that let you dream big and harbor the illusion that anything is possible.  I also love to hear the dreams of artists.

On Friday afternoon, I met with choreographer Doug Elkins to tighten plans for his upcoming Danceworks residency in February -March 2011.  It was a blustery cold NYC late afternoon when we took our seats in a homey cafe, surrounded by others grateful to come in from the cold and chaos of mid-December, to have a cup of hot coffee.  It was Doug’s lunchtime at 4PM. He hungrily gobbled down a robust Mac ‘n’ cheese plate. He looked as if he could have eaten two or three more.

Doug’s eyes twinkled as we chatted about his ideas for his residency.  He and I share a keen sense of the absurd, which is why, when he discloses the working title of the piece he’ll be creating, I am delighted. It’s to be called Mo(or)town, a deconstruction of Shakespeare’s Othello to the music of Motown.  But, of course.

I head for my computer to get a quick synopsis of Othello, which I must admit to having never read. Othello is the Moor (I did know that) of the Mo(or)town title. This drama has it all; love, betrayal, racism, passion, revenge and cunning lurk around every steamy corner.  How will Doug incorporate Othello, Desdemona, Iago, Casssio, the handkerchief and Motown?

It boggles the mind.  I can’t wait to see!

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  • Megan Matthieson December 13, 2010  

    oh my god. so good.

  • Elaine Nakashima December 14, 2010  

    thanks for the vicarious mac’n’cheese gobble. Sounds like it was a delightful time together all the way around. I’m so looking forward to Doug’s arrival!

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