You Know You Want It!

Tell the Truth.

Have you ever danced secretly to super market music?

Have you ever fantasized about working with a famous choreographer?

Have you ever thought how much fun it could be to suddenly let loose and dance in public?

Did you watch Bolero Santa Barbara last year and wish you had volunteered to participate in it ?

NOW’S YOUR CHANCE in a LIFETIME to make those fantasies come true.  No prior dance experience required!  Everyone Welcome.

DANCEWORKS 2011 is gathering momentum to produce a dance Flashmob in downtown Santa Barbara, to the music of Motown, with famous NYC choreographer Doug Elkins.  Doug will be in residence in Santa Barbara from Feb. 22-until March 19.  Come join in the fun!

Everyone who participates will get a free ticket to Doug’s Lobero Theatre performance on March 18 or 19th!  Also a G-r-e-at T-shirt!

Come to the Lobero Theatre on February 27 at 11AM to meet Doug, and learn all about what it will take to perform.

Pre-register by sending an email to:, with the following info:



email address:

best tel. # to reach you:

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One comment

  • Amy Havens February 20, 2011  

    Hi Diane,

    I am unable to be there on Monday 2/27 11am as I will be with clients all morning. Will this prohibit me to be considered for participating? I wam interested in Flashmob! Any information regarding how to get involved would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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