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When you meet choreographer Brian Brooks for the first time, the first words that might come to mind to describe him are preppy, nice, engaging, clean cut, bright and clever.  But then you might notice the demonic twinkle in his eyes.  hmmmm.  When you learn his artistic history  your descriptive words  expand to include bold, daring, and risk-seeker.  He’s a man not afraid to wear pink.  That’s Brian on the right, performing at SUMMERDANCE.

In case you haven’t guessed or heard it, Brian Brooks has been selected to be our Danceworks 2012 Choreographer-in-Residence. Following on the heels of Aszure Barton, Larry Keigwin and Doug Elkins, Brian’s residency will give audiences a chance to see the enormous and exciting range of diversity that exists within contemporary dance.  Brian is very excited about bringing his company to Santa Barbara to make new work during the month of March 2012.

Brian is a NYC choreographer with an unusual take on movement. His initial artistic vision for a work almost always includes set and costume design.  (These elements are usually added by collaborators when the choreography is completed .) I always think of him as a visual artist. His thinking is expansive.  He envisions possibility rather than failure. He explores the limits of the physical body’s endurance with challenges and repetition.  He is a choreographic daredevil.  Just take a look at this youtube video he created:  RAPID STILL.

Brian’s career has been taking off in recent years.  He first visited Santa Barbara as a popular SUMMERDANCE artist, performing at Center Stage Theater as well as at the SUMMERDANCE cabaret.  This year he was awarded a prestigious NDP (National Dance Project) grant that will provide funding to help him tour the work he is creating during his DANCEworks residency.

The piece created and performed at the Lobero Theatre will be called Big City.  Brian and his dancers will build an architectural structure during the performance that extends beyond the stage as the work progresses. Stay tuned for more exciting details of Brian Brooks Moving Company residency.

 Performance dates at the Lobero Theatre are March 30, 31, 2012.

Stay Tuned!


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