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Readers:  Sorry to be so out of touch for so long!  All those not- to- be -ignored holidays, travel,whisky and wild parties consumed  my waking hours.

Ok, I was just taking a break. I assume you were too.

But now, there can be no more excuses for fooling around.  How about just a little less fooling around?  If I were to go completely cold turkey in the Fooling Around category, what fun would that be?  For anyone?

So before I sort of settle down to the business of the production of DANCEworks 2012, let’s enjoy silly for one more moment.

A good friend of mine, who is the yummy essence of silliness herself, recently sent me links to two on-line sort-of dance videos.  After I’d watched the first video of the naked Russians,( I thought it might be fun to announce them as our artists for 2013.  She suggested they might do better as the Opening Act of DANCEworks 2013.  But where do you go from there??

Hot on the heels of the Russian video, came one of a dancing dog,( doing a very intricate and lengthy meringue number.  This one was pure inspiration for me.  We could have a season with nothing but dancing dog acts!  Let them take over the Lobero Theatre.  Give them all the stage time they need to really perfect their choreography.  Hire lighting and costume designers to kick it up a notch.  I think these uncomplaining performers only work for snacks, so their artistic fees would be minimal.  We could justify a splurge on the production values.          

I feel certain that ticket sales would be brisk, because who doesn’t love dancing dogs?  We’d more than likely have two sold-out houses with minimal marketing expenses.  It could be a win/win for dogs and dance.  In fact, why not encourage  people to bring their own dogs to watch the spectacle? If not to just enjoy the show, then to show their pets what’s possible if only they applied themselves.

So consider this particular blog a salute to humor, smiles and laughter in the world of dance.  To the seriously talented  choreographers who perform without dogs and with costumes.  To those choreographers who love to let their audiences in on the fun:  Doug Elkins, David Neumann, Monica Bill Barnes, Larry Keigwin, Brian Brooks and Kyle Abraham, and Nicole Wolcott to name a few.  Bless you.

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  • megan January 8, 2012  

    you. are. hilarious. xo

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