That was the sound of January flying by.  Soon to be followed by an equivalent sound of February taking flight.

All of which signals to me that March 4, 2012 will arrive before I think it should.  Our 4th season.

Time to start rallying the troops!

Here’s What I Want You to Know:

Brian Brooks Moving Company arrives for their month long residency at the Lobero Theatre on March 4.  

While in residence, Brian has decided to  set a work on any members of our community who want to be in on the fun of working with a NYC choreographer and his company members. Dancers and non dancers are alike are welcome to participate.  Remember what fun was had with Larry Keigwin in 2010 when he created Bolero Santa Barbara?!!

Bolero Rehearsal, DANCEworks 2010

Community participants have to be available for rehearsals and both performances.  We’re figuring out those logistics now.  Most importantly, this work will be performed at the Lobero Theatre on March 30 and 31 when Brian premieres the work Big City, which he’ll be setting on his company while here.  If you’re a part of the community project, we’ll happily award you with a free ticket to each performance so that you can share your talent with a Significant Other! Brian and his dancers are eager to get here and begin the creative process. Each time I speak with him he tells me, “I’m so excited!”  Me, too.

It’s a rare event  to be taught a new work by a professional choreographer unless you’re in college, or in another professional dance company. A charming, witty and fun-loving choreographer too.  It’s even rarer to be a part of the company’s formal performance dates!  Within the next few days, we will be setting up a time and date to meet with Brian to begin rehearsals. Stay tuned.

Brian’s career is taking off.  He’s gotten NDP (National Dance Project) funding to tour Big City nationally, after it leaves Santa Barbara.  That’s a BD (Big Deal.)  It insures that the work created here will be seen by thousands.  This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the fun, hard work and excitement that is a part of making dance and of preparing for performance.

 Please help us spread the word.  Post this, and email the link to friends you think might be interested.  According to Brian, the more the merrier!!  FYI, He thrives on challenges.


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