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So many pieces of the proverbial pie must come together to make a “successful” DANCEworks residency.

Choreography. Music. Lighting. Costumes. Set design. Committed volunteers for the community dance. Publicity. Talent. Public interest.  Ticket sales. Weather.  Not to mention, Luck.  

Those are only the broad brushstrokes.  Each of those elements could be broken down again into endless variables. Anything could go wrong at any time.

The act of creation comes with inherent risks and not every piece of art created is a winner.  It might be ahead of its time, or behind its time.  Too long. Too short. Irrelevant. Incoherent. Cliché. Redundant. Trite.

Every choreographer works differently, at different speeds and with different methodology. Brian Brooks thrives on pushing the envelope of the possible, in movement, endurance and vision. In person, he always  presents a picture of certainty and calmness to doubters, inspiring us to become believers. His young dancers never wavered.  Brian  keeps his options open and thrives on experimentation with an unusually high tolerance for uncertainty.  His risk taking inspires us all to be more brave.

Big City was a Big Undertaking.  The creation of the set alone with 600 eight- foot aluminum tubes would make a less brave person run screaming from the stage. 

I was never sure how Brian could create the movement, the set, and the community dance within four weeks. But Brian inspired me to trust.  And, he delivered.  Big time.

For two shining performances, we were captivated and all doubt vanished. 

What a privilege to be present at the birth!

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