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resting in HawaiiKeigwin + Company is currently touring Hawaii.  In between-performances, they are resting up, for what they know will be an intense and demanding residency at DANCEworks in February.


The residency will launch with an Open Call on Tuesday, February 12, 6-9 PM at the Lobero Theatre.  We are inviting the public to join the company in making an irresistible new music video that is expected to go viral as soon as it hits youtube!   The cast of professional dancers will be joined by dozens of Santa Barbara residents, young and old.   The group will dance in front of stunning backdrops throughout picturesque Santa Barbara.  See below:

courthouse sidewalk by the beachmission

police in SB






Handsome, charming and witty choreographer Larry Keigwin will work intensively for one week with locals to make a video that will promote the company’s Lobero Theatre performances on March 1, 2.  It is expected to “go viral” within a few hours of being posted on Youtube, making all participants instantly recognizable.  The video will be screened at the Lobero performances as well as on multiple websites and Facebook.

Handsome, charming and witty choreographer, Larry Keigwin.

Handsome, charming and witty choreographer, Larry Keigwin.

Anyone who’s worked with Larry before, will tell you this will be a not-to-be-missed-chance-of-a-lifetime, never-to-be-missed experience!  Starr Siegele, expresses it well:

"Don't miss working with Larry!"

“Don’t miss working with Larry!” exclaims adorable Starr Siegele, a star of BOLERO SB

You’ll need to commit to the whole package in order to participate.  Make lame excuses, coerce family or co-workers but make it your priority to join the DANCworks fun!  Your friends and family  (a.) will, (b.) should, (c.) might or (d.) might not understand your sudden urge to make entertainment history.  Don’t waver.  Enlist them too!

Here’s the nitty gritty:

OPEN CALL: Tues, 2/12, 6-9 pm, Lobero Theatre

REHEARSALS at Lobero: Wed, 2/13, 6-9 pm; Thurs, 2/14, 6-9 pm; Fri, 2/15, 6-9pm,Lobero

VIDEO SHOOT: Sat, 2/16 10-2 pm; Sun, 2/17, 10-2 pm, Location TBA

As a token of our appreciation for your participation, upon completion of the video, you will receive two free tickets to either the March 1 or March 2 DANCEworks performance.

two tix

One more most important move.   Pre-register so you won’t be shut out!  There’s a maximum of 60 people for this endeavor.  Quickly email:





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