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I walked into the quiet theatre yesterday on the second week of DANCEworks 2013, eager to see what Larry Keigwin was up to. To enter the theatre on an ordinary non performance day is to enter a sanctuary.  A very different kind of  “space.”   Somehow the spirits of past performances seem embedded within the walls of the Lobero theatre.

Larry’s four male dancers arrived in Santa Barbara on Sunday.  He had told me he was about to start a new work with his entire company, after completing a female trio last week.

I was unprepared for the beautiful sight before me, of Larry and his wonderful dancers at work, deep in the process of creation.  In less than two days of rehearsals, Larry’s creating a captivating new work.  Several sections have been sketched out and/or completed…with partners, whole company, small groups…massing, disappearing, driven always by a raw energy that seems to come from the essence of life itself.  Nothing affected or imposed, but real, grounded, and sometimes explosive.  As I watched Larry in process, I could see he was inside the music…operating at the level of the purely creative.

I was very moved.  When they broke for lunch, I had tears in my eyes as I greeted Larry.   ” I’m dancing!” he said.  “It’s just pouring out!”  “YES!” was all that I could reply.  Bliss.

Larry spent recent months recovering from a wretched  achilles tendon injury. I think only in retrospect could he understand all that had to remain unexpressed during that time.

Yesterday, we’d both experienced the magnificence of transcending the ordinary, from very different vantage points.  But for each of us it is about doing what we’re here to do.  For Larry, it is to create dance, for me, it’s to provide a safe space where it can happen.

Bliss for the beholder.  Bliss for the creator.

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