I have a confession to make.  Since there is currently no pope in office and especially since I am not a Catholic,  I’ve decided, in 21st century fashion, to admit online that I have sinned.

Not just the sin of coveting my neighbor’s shiny Airstream trailer, or of chowing down pastel Easter confections on Passover. It is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  I’m hopeful it won’t lead to my eternal damnation, but I think it best to confess. hello my sin is images pride 1

The signpost above lists PRIDE at the top of the other Seven Deadly Sins.  In my own defense, I offer the following justification for my self – congratulatory mode.  Here’s the supporting evidence for my lack of humility.

In a country  that’s at least somewhat arts adverse, DANCEworks just celebrated the completion of its 5th season.  SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara, completed its 15th season.  Gotta feel good about that, right?

Choreographer Larry Keigwin, created two new and exciting works, during his company’s  residency in Santa Barbara. Girls and Seven will now become a part of the Keigwin + Company repertoire. Girls could only have been made onstage as provided during our DW residency program.  Mission Accomplished!

Girls, trio to Sinatra songs

Girls, trio to Sinatra songs



The splendid program presented at the Lobero on March 1 and 2 seemed to leave everyone smiling. We brought in an additional five dancers the last week of the residency so that the company could perform three blockbuster dances;  Chairs, Runaway and Megalopolis. Those works were a perfect contrast to Seven, the softer, lyrical piece he created while here.



During their residency, K + C worked with dozens of non dancers in Santa Barbara to create a community video that was screened at the Lobero Theatre and viewed online by thousands.  Smiles multiplied!

The real divulgence I will make to my readers is that my pride was not purely personal, but expanded exponentially in lots of directions: To dancers, to choreographer, to SBSD Bd. of Directors, to community participants, to Lobero staff, to donors and to everyone who bought a ticket in support of the final performance.

I think they’re most likely sinners too!!!  Or should be!!  Personally, even after confession, I can’t help but take pride in all we’ve accomplished together.

If you have any hedonist tendencies like I do, you’ll be in complete agreement.

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