gratitude-rainbowspiral1heart of gratitudeThere’s always the possibility of getting hokey when writing words of gratitude.  Our culture is inundated with platitudes about gratitude.  Here are a few more:

attitude of gratitude

 gratitude is

By now, you’re either gagging or loving these sentiments.  But, come this time of year, I can’t resist thinking of all that I’m grateful for.  Since this is a blog about dance, I’ll skip such obvious  targets as the sunrise, the moon, my family etc.  and move right to the stuff of dance.

* Very grateful that I’m still moving decently enough to continue to practice Tai Chi as well as to shake my ass in a zumba class.

*Very grateful for having such a gratifying role in helping the careers of dancers I love.

*Very grateful that dancers and choreographers still want to be dancers and choreographers in this most challenging environment to do so!

*Very grateful that dancers and choreographers sacrifice so much, risking injury and poverty to share, develop and present their art to the rest of us.

* Very grateful that my 5 granddaughters all understand the power of dance and self expression!

* Very grateful for the financial support we receive for DANCEworks from foundations, the county and individuals.

* Very grateful for the deep and meaningful relationships I’ve developed and sustained with the choreographers and dancers who have been to SUMMERDANCE and DANCEworks.

*Grateful for having found a partner in the Lobero Theatre to provide a” home” for visiting artists.

Here’s my personal dance -obsessed list.

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