Three Things People Will be Talking About at DANCEworks ’14!

1. Dystopian Distractions. By the end of April, you should be able to add your own dysfunctional favorites to this list are a few of mine:  Fox news, almost ALL reality tv, war-related video games, violent movies, TV talking heads, celebrity culture.  Build your own list as your awareness grows.

sarah palinvideo gamescelebrity

2.The Friday Club. Hands down, the coolest place to be on a late Friday afternoon, April 4, 11, and 18, 5-6:30 PM.  Mark and his dancers will share a part of the day’s rehearsal with you as well as their thoughts, challenges and process. You can watch Dystopian Distractions take shape from one week to the next!  Mix, mingle and nosh in the history rich Lobero Green Room after each showing.**DW-Com-2014-Fri-Club_web

3. The April 26th performance of Dystopian Distractions *will be the first dance/theatre piece created at a DANCEworks residency.  Get ready for a performance   that will be provocative, funny, outrageous, theatrical and thought – provoking!  There will be great dance, dark humor, text and great music ( the Shirelles, Elvis, Mellancamp, Lizst, and Alvin and the Chipmunks)!

Mark Dendy Ritual Cycle 6_credit MarisaGruneberg

“Dance Theater is distinctive genre of dance which aims to break down the barriers between dance, theater, mime, and most of all, to communicate ideas and feelings without any pretentions. One of its most effective tools is honesty and openness.”  NYU

Question?  What does Donald Rumsfeld rumsfeld

have to do with Elvis Presley?  elvis

You’ll know after the performance!

*Tickets are on sale now!  Lobero Box Office: 805-966-4946.  Additional DANCEworks information always available online at:

**email if you would like to join the Friday Club.  Pleas note:  If you have already made a contribution to DW’14 this year, no additional contribution is necessary.


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