the quality of bending easily without breaking.

When David Asbell, the Executive Director of the Lobero Theatre, told me that the requests to him for theatre bookings during the period of late winter when DANCEworks artists have been in residence had grown dramatically, I knew a request to move our DANCEworks “season” would follow.  So it did.

Flexibility is all important, I believe, in responding to cues from others.  Especially when old patterns no longer work as well as they once did.  Therefore, I am happy to announce that DANCEworks 2015, will take place during the month of September, 2015.  You won’t see us on the Lobero marquee next year in February, March or April. Please hold on  with the exciting thought that we are preparing for a Stupendous September!


  1. extremely impressive.
    “a stupendous display of technique”

sept. 2015

Heretofore, DANCEworks has offered residencies to choreographers with established companies.  Next year, in another departure from tradition, we will welcome a younger choreographer, Adam Barruch. Adam will, for the first time in his career, be given the opportunity at DW to choreograph a full evening’s work for dancers of his own choosing.

He has wonderful plans to incorporate many members of the community in his production.  Details to be revealed soon.

adam barruch

Adam is a remarkable dancer with a strong theatrical background. He is still dancing in his own work.  His name came up repeatedly whenever I asked choreographer friends whose work they liked.  “Adam, Adam, Adam,” said each one.  When I met Adam and saw him perform, I instantly knew he was our next IT.

Just a glance at his bio, will give you an idea of his prodigious talent and significant accomplishments.  Adam Has BIG plans for his DANCEworks’ residency and we stand ready to facilitate!!  Do stay tuned, and please, stay flexible!!

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  • Arlene Satterlee October 4, 2014  

    Thank you for your good work……we support all your decisions!

  • David Bazemore October 28, 2014  

    Dance is all about flexibility isn’t it? That’s a good time of year for me – not so many other things going on! Sounds exciting!

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