Have you had the experience of discovering that some item you’ve loved for many years is suddenly not – so – lovable?  Perhaps it’s an article of clothing, a piece of furniture or a much beloved song?  Something that you’ve previously regarded with fondness, one day becomes stale and out of date.  It simply stops being thrilling.

maxi dress

For us, it was our relationship with the DANCEworks website.  Technology and design had moved on, causing our original site to look dull and to not have functionality we wanted.  We had fallen out of love.

The need for a change was obvious and exciting!  time for change


Now, we can really display our fabulous photos of dance.



Today, websites must be able to be easily viewed on portable devices. Contemporary design is cleaner and less cluttered.

We’re very happy to let you know that we have launched our “new” site.  We’re excited about the changes and improvements we’ve made. Hopefully you’ll find it easy and engaging to navigate and read, on your computer or on your cell phone.

We invite you to check the site frequently and sign up for the feed so you’ll never miss an update or a new blog.  Please share it with other FOD’s ( friends of dance.)  We’re also happy to announce that dance writer and author, Rachel Howard will be our guest blogger during Adam Barruch’s residency.  We’re back in love again.  After all, it IS spring!




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