Look Who’s Coming to Town… our 2016 DANCEworks Residency!



VimVigor Dance Company, Arriving Soon!!


It’s the first of August.  Our working DANCEworks team assembled this morning around a large conference table at the Lobero Theatre, to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on our upcoming 2016 DANCEworks season.  After eight years of planning DANCEworks residencies, we’ve got it together, if I do say so myself!

Schedule of rehearsals, accommodations, transportation, airport pick up, welcome reception, and Friday clubs, are all planned.  Thanks to Lobero peeps David Asbell, Sheila Caldwell, Marianne Clark and Angie Bertucci for all their hard work bringing this year’s residency together.

In order to provide our dancers in residence with maximum time to work and rehearse, we deliberately plan just a few public events which would take them away from rehearsing. But the ones we offer, are not to be missed.

Here’s what YOU Need to Know!!

DW’s Residency Dates for VimVigor Dance Company:


VimVigor Dance Company Lobero performances:  September 23 & 24.  8PM.

 Buy tickets at www.lobero.com or call the Lobero Box Office at : (805)-963-0761.

The Friday Club:  For a minimum tax deductible contribution of $100, you’re invited to join us for three September Friday afternoons for the Friday Club. If you’ve already donated this year, you’re in.  If not, there’s still time, but only if you hurry.

People have told us the Friday Club is one of the most enjoyable events of the residency. Members watch a rehearsal with VimVigor each week to learn how their work is growing and taking shape.  Chat first hand with the dancers and with choreographer Shannon Gillen.  Enjoy socializing after the presentation with other Friday Club members along with the dance company!

Three Fridays, September, 2, 9 and 16.  5pm


If you’re excited too, please help us promote this season by telling your friends, family and forwarding this link.  Stay tuned to www.sbdanceworks.com for frequent updates.

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