20 minutes to curtain time, and the swell of arriving patrons fills the theatre with mounting anticipation; friends are reunited, stories are shared, and bodies shuffle rhythmically down the aisles. But just beyond the crowds, past the velvet-lined seats, on the outskirts of ticket stubs and chatter, lies a hidden world within tucked-away alcoves, one seldom revealed to the uninitiated.

Over perfumed clouds of translucent powder, against a shimmering backdrop of sequins and rouge, the show has already commenced: one artist in delicate repose over there, another violently teasing her hair. It is a rapturous dance filled with pomp and fervor, salacious in its devil-may-care point of view. Are you curious?

On April 25, Larry Keigwin and Nicole Wolcott beckon you through into their mad hatter world, where the creative process smolders with enchantment. This is the backstory of “The Artist’s Way” and an intimate tale of inspired relationships: with our craft, with our peers, and with the audience within.

Through a cabaret narrative filled with physical theater and anecdotal prose, KEIGWIN + COMPANY take you directly onstage and back to their burgeoning years, where ceremoniously breaking all the rules was the first (and only) rule.

Want a peek behind the curtain? Tickets are on sale now for this can’t-miss Cabaret Evening, April 25 at the Lobero Theatre. Hurry; seating is limited.

Photo: Christaan Felber

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