“We’ve done eleven Boleros, and the most open-minded, unabashed, ready-for-anything community was hands down Santa Barbara.”

Larry Keigwin is walking thru Central Park after an arduous day of rehearsals, reflecting over the artistic implications of his SummerDance and DANCEWorks residencies, and how they informed his transition from “Larry the dancer, to Larry the choreographer, to Larry the artistic director of a company– and now full circle to Larry the dancer.”

Just hours shy of boarding a plane to Santa Barbara for the debut of his latest work Places Please: a raucous, cabaret-style tribute to the backstage antics of a seasoned duet, Keigwin has never felt more ready to return to the performance stage. “There’s a realization that I’ve given so much to dancers, and that maybe I want to give the dancer in me one last shot,” he said.

The decision to go back to something simple in my own creative process, meant harking back to the beginning of Keigwin + Company, when he and co-founder Nicole Wolcott were two halves of a budding company, stoking their creative fires thru heavy doses of humor and playfulness. “It was really our collaborative partnership that launched the company, and going back to its roots, it was important to be with her,” he emphasized.

In the world of performance, the call to places is traditionally met with a heady mixture of elation and anticipation; a Molotov cocktail of nerves and expectation that can easily fuel unexpected results. Add to that the contained parameters of a 16×12 space, and you have what Keigwin refers to as “a tight bubble of energy that can burst at any given moment.”

Thru physical theater and touching monologues–not to mention a heavy serving of wigs and sequins–Keigwin and Wolcott hope to draw the audience into their intimate, backstage world as both spectators and creators paying service to the merits of an intimate setting. “I can’t think of a more joyful experience than the process of walking into a theater and sharing in the efforts of putting on a show,” says Keigwin. Come Tuesday evening, Santa Barbarans will witness the full-circle effects and bustling charm of this dynamic duet in the throes of their engaging journey: Places, please!

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