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It’s not a hidden secret that we are living at a time when support for the arts is not a given. Nor is it a hidden secret that many of us do not like having to ask others for money. Myself included. But, my passion for dance overrides my dislike of making such a request.

We are living in a shifting cultural landscape in which little is guaranteed. However, those of us who share an abiding passion for dance and a strong belief that dance as an art form must be supported, know that dance has the capacity to enrich and change our lives and deserves our support.

I am going to be direct.  We need your support, this year more than ever.

WHY support us?

DANCEworks must bravely plan our seasons about a year out, gambling on the hope that your support will help us to pay the myriad costs we must incur.  This year, we still have quite a ways to go to meet our goals.  We pay our artists a living wage because of your dollars. We pay their transportation costs to and from Santa Barbara.  We pay to house the dancers in a comfortable house. We underwrite the costs of a master class, pay our fine Lobero stagehands, pay a musical director, etc. etc. etc.  You get the picture.

Tickets for dance events typically pay only about 25% of costs.  Shocking, isn’t it?

How to support us?

If you are a fan or devotee of dance, I hope you will consider a generous contribution to our upcoming 2017 season. As important as that, I hope you will participate in the great season we have planned. Come watch rehearsals and meet the artists at a Friday Club. Buy tickets for the final performance on September 1 or 2, and brush up on your tango at a master class.  All you need to know will be on this website.

Your generous support will ensure that DANCEworks will be able to continue to bring our nation’s top choreographers to Santa Barbara for a whole month in order to make new work they’ve only been able to dream about.  It will ensure that the voices of us who value the arts continue to be heard.  It will ensure that Santa Barbara receives recognition as a community that fosters the arts.

To make a contribution now, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the donate button.  Or, go to support page on our website for full and easy instructions:

               Let’s light the fire together!  August 7-September 2.

                            DANCEworks 2017, Union Tanguera and Kate Weare.


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