You Won’t Need to Kiss A Frog

Doug Elkins

NYC, APAP conference. 1999. Joyce Theatre lobby. Doug Elkins’ eyes twinkled as I told him that I could not find a choreographer whose work I liked enough to bring to the SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara festival.
“You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you can find your prince,” he knowingly told me.
That advice gave me hope. Up until that moment, I had only seen work at the conference that I found tedious, corny or boring. My attitude changed.

My jaw dropped.  Suddenly I found I could not tear my eyes away from the stage of the Joyce Theater.  Two men, Larry Keigwin and Mark Dendy were performing a homoerotic duet, unlike anything I’d seen before.  Little did I realize then that this first sighting would mark the beginning of a wonderful relationship with each of these artists, partly professional, partly friendship based. The two men danced Afternoon of the Faunes, as part of an offbeat, wild, improbable, often searing production choreographed and performed by Dendy and others called Dream Analysis.  Before long, Dendy and Keigwin soon became part of our SUMMERDANCE experience.

Larry Keigwin

Mark Dendy

The love affair has not stopped.  Mark Dendy and Larry Keigwin will return in a few weeks to help us celebrate the 10th Anniversary of DANCEworks. Each had important and unforgettable residencies with us during the past decade. Each will perform a solo of their own choosing during the 2018 final performances, September 7 & 8.

Here is a brief sampling of Dendy’s 2014 Dystopian Distractions!.

Keigwin has had two residencies with DANCEworks.  He’s created five new works during the course of the residencies.  Here’s a sampling of his 2013 season with us.

I promise there will be no frogs to kiss at this 2018 reunion.  Just great dancing, great theatre and lots of smiling faces, fun and great memories.

Come join our party!




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