DANCEworks has brought so many firsts, breakthroughs, and boundary-pushing moments to life over the last nine years.

Hundreds of Santa Barbarans danced, hula-hooped, hung from the rafters or pedaled a beach taxi in Larry Keigwin’s infectious and exciting Bolero Santa Barbara. Doug Elkins’ Motown flashmobs and Keigwin’s tourist dream music video, “Showtime” took DANCEworks out of the theatre and into the streets. Brian Brooks’ bustling, colorful Rush Hour, showcased community performers onstage at the Lobero Theatre. Mark Dendy reminded us about the urgency of the time through his wildly theatrical production of Dystopian Distractions! Adam Barruch’s Dance Theater interpretation of Sweeney Todd was the first time DANCEworks recruited singers for their performance. In another first, Shannon Gillen filled the Lobero stage with rubber mulch in the debut of Future/Perfect. Last year, DANCEworks’ welcomed Santa Barbara’s social dance community as choreographer Kate Weare embraced the traditional aspects of Tango in Sin Salida.

Nine new and important works of modern dance have been created on the boards of the Lobero stage and gone on to tour extensively, nationally and abroad. DANCEworks’ focus has always been on pushing the art form and contributing to the larger world of contemporary dance, and the critics agree that the sustained time and space awarded to these choreographers has been nothing short of life-altering.

Being able to welcome this talented cast of alum back to the Lobero for two nights is an honor we could not have achieved without the support of our donors. Thank you for helping us to support the gutsiest choreographers to achieve their dreams, and move the needle on this art form, and reserve your seats for the dance event of the year today! 

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