“DANCEworks is an incredible paradigm for the development of new ideas. I have never felt more support and encouragement to take risks and to make my dreams a reality. For four weeks, I was in a complete and utter joyous haze inspired by the incredible theater space and the amazing community that enabled our company to focus on process alone. This experience was a true gift to our personal and creative lives… one that will never be replicated and certainly not forgotten.”

Adam Barruch, 2015 Resident Choreographer

“DANCEworks provided us with an artist’s utopian dream; a month of rehearsals in the theater, incredible accommodations in an idyllic environment, and a weekly feedback session with our audience during the process. All of this came with a commission fee and production support that covered all of the expenses, leaving us free to create unhindered–and that we did.”

Mark Dendy, 2014 Resident Choreographer 


“Danceworks is truly a bright spot on the national dance scene.”

Rachel Howard, Dance Critic and author


“We wanted to do something different. Something special and unique, with the  intimacy to match the intimacy of our theatre. The format of DANCEworks succeeds at that.”

David Asbell, Lobero Theatre Executive Director


“DANCEworks has been one of the most (if not the most) fruitful creative opportunities I have ever spent.”

Doug Elkins, 2011 & 2018 Resident Choreographer


We talk about creating spaces – in art, politics, science, medicine, technology – that open possibility. Spaces that provide opportunity for physical exploration, mental aerobics and the chance to discover, perhaps, something not yet seen. DANCEworks at the Lobero Theatre successfully gave me one of these rare and imagined spaces – a true pioneer in the landscape of American creativity.”

Brian Brooks, 2012 Resident Choreographer



“Danceworks supports creative innovation by offering invaluable opportunities for artists to focus on their work, strengthen their process and develop their gifts. The residency format of the program is a boon for choreographers, who generally face daunting challenges in finding space, time and funding needed to actualize their artistic vision. These residencies have the potential to alter the course of an artist’s career. The program also promotes deeper understanding of the art form among dance students and community members by inviting them to observe rehearsal and/or participate in classes offered by the visiting artists.”

Christopher Pilafian, UCSB Dance Faculty

 “DANCEworks 2009 was a stupendous, rich, intense journey that I will always cherish. It was one of the most exciting experiences that my group has ever had… It’s such a rare opportunity to work in a theater like this for four weeks. It is a dream destination for an artist that supports and nurtures growth, aliveness and pure creativity.”

Aszure Barton, 2009 Resident Choreographer


“Keigwin + Company’s four weeks at DANCEWORKS 2010 provided us with the invaluable experience of spending an extended period of time devoted to the creation of new work.  Composing on the historic Lobero Stage was truly a gift.”

Larry Keigwin, 2010 + 2013 Resident Choreographer


“The dancers are endlessly inspiring… it’s a joy to see it all unfold. What a beautiful project so full of heart.”

Michelle Jank, costume designer



“The opportunity to have uninterrupted time and space to make new work was a piece of SUMMERDANCE that had lasting impact on the lives and careers of dancers. This was the piece of the festival that seemed most important to continue.”

Dianne Vapnek, Founder and Executive Director, SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara, Artistic Director DANCEworks

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