A Decade of Dance All Stars

I’m still shaking the stardust out of my hair and enjoying the afterglow of what was for me, the perfect culminating 10th Anniversary residency for DANCEworks. It represented a decade of devotion to modern/contemporary dance.  The smiles and good will generated by all the performances were powerful.  It felt like a perfect antidote to the […]

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One of my pleasures in life is the discovery that one part of my life has unexpectedly overlapped with another. Currently, my work in the world of contemporary dance is aligning with my ongoing love affair with Japan. Doug Elkins is our 2018 DANCEworks artist-in-residence. Last fall, he accompanied me and my husband to Japan […]

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Ten Years of DANCE and Counting

I’m happy to emerge from winter hibernation to update everyone on our plans to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of DANCEworks. We’ve been working away behind the scenes to decide the best way to celebrate the special occasion.  Now it’s official. Our artist in residence this year will be the irrepressible Doug Elkins. He visited with me […]

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Nowhere do you get that Happy Feeling

I’ve done this dance/theatre producer/presenter thing for almost 20 years now. Year after year, I experience euphoria at the conclusion of the final performances of the residency. It’s intense and can be contagious. Unfortunately, euphoria is unsustainable, but the work created here has been born and will have a life. That’s the big picture. For right here and right now, we’ve embraced our shared humanity, celebrating the arts. For a time, the generosity of the performers and the generosity of the audience has become one big love fest.

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