DANCEworks provides many opportunities for the Santa Barbara community to get involved with dynamic company VIM VIGOR during their residency, by participating in 1st Thursday, Friday Clubs, Masterclasses, and Pre-curtain Discussions.


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  • September 1, 7:30PM: 1st Thursday: After Hours with VIM VIGOR Dance Company

  • September 2, 5PM: Friday Club

  • September 9, 5PM: Friday Club

  • September 16, 5PM: Friday Club

  • September 18, 11:30AM: Masterclass

  • September 23 & 24, 7 PM: Pre-curtain discussion with Dance Critic Melanie Bales

  • September 23 & 24, 8 PM: VIM VIGOR Dance Company Performances at Lobero Theatre


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Led by choreographer Shannon Gillen and members of VIM VIGOR Dance Company, classes draw on Gillen’s commitment to activating the whole of the performer, from the extremes of virtuosic dance to the fluid awareness of emotion and experience.

Workshops and residencies approach the following themes that reflect Gillen’s perspective on developing whole performers:

  • Activating Awareness
  • Practicing Emotion + Unleashing Reaction
  • Full Throttle Movement + Floorwork
  • Reaching what we call a VIM STATE – where all is possible and interconnected
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