Dazzled by a Jewel

The word “jewel.” came to my mind at the curtain call. Mo(or)town is now a highly polished gem! Doug has seamlessly told Shakespeare’s Othello story using only four dancers, a handkerchief, classic Motown music, and an intricate and fascinating dance vocabulary that conveys at least as much in movement as the written word. No one but Doug could have done it.

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Remaining Flexible

  flex·i·bil·i·ty fleksəˈbilədē/ noun the quality of bending easily without breaking. When David Asbell, the Executive Director of the Lobero Theatre, told me that the requests to him for theatre bookings during the period of late winter when DANCEworks artists have been in residence had grown dramatically, I knew a request to move our DANCEworks “season” would follow.  So […]

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Bull’s Eye! Dendy’s Aim is Dead-on!!

Almost a week after the first performance, Dystopian Distractions refuses to recede from my mind. It seems to have taken up permanent residence, insinuating itself whenever I’ve got an unoccupied moment.  Mark Dendy and his fabulosa dancers/actors won’t let go. Working it out during rehearsals! Never have I had a performance affect me so deeply; […]

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That’s It!

  It’s the same every year.  The lead up to a DANCEworks residency is dense with criss -crossing emails, mis-communication, missed communication, doubt, endless decision- making, carefully crafted donor-appeal letters, grant applications and meetings between staff and board to brainstorm, cheerlead and iron out wrinkles.  It’s not surprising that by the time I reach the […]

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Wowza!  Mark Dendy’s dancers have arrived in Santa Barbara.  We’re off and running to make the absolute most of their month-long residency at the Lobero! If you haven’t donated as yet, $50 will get you (and a friend) to 3 open rehearsals with Mark Dendy. The first one is THIS FRIDAY. April 11, 5pm at […]

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Get an insider’s look at the fascinating creative process each Friday of the 2019 residency once you make a contribution.

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