Mathematical intricacy, superhuman physicality, punchy color, and cheeky wit infuse the Brian Brooks Moving Company’s signature, minimalist works with an unexpected but delightful sense of whimsy. The company presents live performances incorporating dance, video, animation, visual art, music, and sound design.
Based in New York City and featuring the choreography of Brian Brooks, The Brian Brooks Moving Company had its first performance in 1997 when Brooks self-produced his dances at the Merce Cunningham Studio. The production featured a short film of Brooks dancing at eleven different public locations within eight hours. This event caught the attention of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, who funded a second “Performance Marathon” the following year, sending Brooks and his group dancing across the Brooklyn Bridge, around Grand Central Station, and through the aisles of a deli on 7th Avenue.
BIG CITY, the multidisciplinary work created during their 4 week residency in 2012 explored the physical and emotional destruction that takes over nations, communities and individuals and the inevitable rebuilding that follows. The centerpiece was impressive architectural set design was built by the performers as the dance unfolds – boldly spilling off the stage and playfully shifting the audience’s experience.
BIG CITY had its world premiere March 30 & 31, 2012 to great success. The Santa Barbara Independent called the performance, “wildly inventive,” and marveled at how the, “intimacy established with the building and the stage shows what such a period of residency can do to inspire a company.”





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 DANCEworks 2012 – Brian Brooks Moving Company: Meet the Dancers

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