DANCEWORKS is a project of SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara and the Lobero Theatre Foundation. They are each not-for-profit organizations that rely on gifts from many generous individuals and foundations.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to support our upcoming season.

You can fill out and mail your check to: SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara, P.O. Box 360, Santa Barbara, CA 93102

On behalf of the dance artists whose new work we support, thank you! Your generosity is deeply appreciated and your support is critical.

Become a DANCEworks Insider with a $150+ donation!

Friday Club members and a guest are invited to the Lobero Theatre for an inside look at DANCEworks rehearsals followed by an intimate meet-and-greet with the choreographer and company each Friday of their residency. Get an insider’s look at the fascinating creative process leading to the performances.

Brian Brooks

Brian Brooks

2012 Resident Choreographer / Brian Brooks Moving Company

“DANCEworks at the Lobero Theatre successfully gave me one of these rare and imagined spaces – a true pioneer in the landscape of American creativity.”

Doug Elkins

Doug Elkins

2011 Resident Choreographer / Doug Elkins Choreography

“DANCEworks has been one of the most (if not the most) fruitful creative opportunities I have ever spent.”

Larry Keigwin

Larry Keigwin

2010 Resident Choreographer / Keigwin + Company

“Keigwin + Company’s four weeks at DANCEWORKS 2010 provided us with the invaluable experience of spending an extended period of time devoted to the creation of new work. Composing on the historic Lobero Stage was truly a gift.”

Aszure Barton

Aszure Barton

2009 Resident Choreographer / Aszure and Artists

“DANCEworks 2009 was a stupendous, rich, intense journey that I will always cherish. It is a dream destination for an artist that supports and nurtures growth, aliveness and pure creativity.”

Margie Gillis

Margie Gillis

"A month for a new creation in a theatre with wonderful housing, support and engagement. This is a rare gift in the North American Dance scene."

Be Part of the Future of American Dance

DANCEworks isn’t just about unforgettable performances. It’s about long-term relationships with the gutsiest artists in contemporary dance—relationships that allow bold choreographers to take new risks.

Our family of supporters makes this possible.  A gift of $150 will provide room and board to a dancer for a day, a gift of $500 will cover the travel costs of a dance from New York City to Santa Barbara, and a larger gift helps pay the choreographers for their creative work or contribute to stage tech and lighting.

Any size gift will make a big difference in supporting the creation of risk-taking dance. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to support our important work.

Thanks for your tax-deductible contribution to help to support the creation of new American contemporary dance from outstanding choreographers!

SUMMERDANCE is a 501(c)3 organization and contributions are tax deductible.

How to Donate:

You can write out and mail a check to: SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara, P.O. Box 360, Santa Barbara, CA 93102

or, fill out the form below.

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