Five Years, Cheering and Counting!

Woo-hoo and yowza and hoo-ray!  DANCEworks is entering its fifth year in 2013.  So much to celebrate. Last spring we decided that, after four years of heavy use, it was time for a DANCEworks website upgrade. The revamp didn’t “just happen” with the snap of our nimble fingers, but with months of tweaking, refining and asking […]

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wow! whew! and wonderful!!

  So many pieces of the proverbial pie must come together to make a “successful” DANCEworks residency. Choreography. Music. Lighting. Costumes. Set design. Committed volunteers for the community dance. Publicity. Talent. Public interest.  Ticket sales. Weather.  Not to mention, Luck.   Those are only the broad brushstrokes.  Each of those elements could be broken down […]

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Whooooosh.   That was the sound of January flying by.  Soon to be followed by an equivalent sound of February taking flight. All of which signals to me that March 4, 2012 will arrive before I think it should.  Our 4th season. Time to start rallying the troops! Here’s What I Want You to Know: […]

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