Life moves forward.  The curtain has come down on DANCEWORKS 2010.  Months of planning.  Hundreds of decisions, large and small. Fund-raising. Hours of on-line promotion.  Facebook ad Nauseum.  Doubting, cajoling, laughing, and ultimately, trusting that it would all work out. Rehearsals (about 150 hours), videos, photos. Anxiety transforming into elation. Respecting process as much or more […]

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The Beauty of Beach Towels

“Curtain Up!  Light the Lights!”  bellowed Ethel Merman in Gypsy.  We’re almost at that Bellowing moment.  Four weeks of intense and often hilarious Bolero SB rehearsals are drawing down.  The beach costumes have been brought in by the local performers for try-ons.  That was as giddy a scene as kids dressing up for Halloween.  The […]

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