That’s It!

  It’s the same every year.  The lead up to a DANCEworks residency is dense with criss -crossing emails, mis-communication, missed communication, doubt, endless decision- making, carefully crafted donor-appeal letters, grant applications and meetings between staff and board to brainstorm, cheerlead and iron out wrinkles.  It’s not surprising that by the time I reach the […]

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Duck and Cover!?

I cannot/will not hold myself or an artist hostage to ticket sales! Change and evolution in our culture cannot come from fear of speaking out or of making waves. Mark’s message, which I believe strongly in, will be there for all of us who are willing to look at the truth of our times while still maintaining hope. I was challenged to consider my own role in being an agent of change. For now, I’ve found my role in supporting Mark’s work and vision.

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Shifting Focus!

  Twice a year I am surprised by the calendar. The first shock hits soon after Labor Day when the inevitable countdown to the holidays begins, culminating in December in a minimum two week bacchanale of self indulgence and excess.  The second awakening happens soon after the holidays wind down.  Now I am keenly aware […]

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