The Long Goodbye

It began as most Friday clubs do: a warm greeting from the Lobero staff, name tags passed around to guests, and a festive shuffle to the front of the theatre, where the chatter of excitement serves as background music to a group of dancers quietly warming-up on stage. And then- somewhere between Dianne Vapnek wistfully […]

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Collaboration is fraught with danger

Huddled together in the first few rows of the Lobero theatre, they have come to witness the residency’s first unveiling; exploratory phrases that Kate Weare and Esteban Moreno have developed over the course of their first week together. The introductory notes of a restless accordion cry out, and tango dancers Daniel Escobar and Nayhara Zeutrager […]

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WEEK 2: Peeling Back the Layers

“I feel really good about where the company is right now.” Jason Cianciulli takes a sip from his beer and tucks an unruly curl behind his ear. “Spending almost twenty-four hours together is really starting to make a difference in the way we work together on stage,” he continues. “I keep thinking how this experience […]

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