Facing East

It’s early on a Monday morning, and Todd Jared is furrowing his brow over a stage covered in rubber mulch: the lingering vestiges of a dynamic set that 2016 DANCEworks artist-in-residence Shannon Gillen conjured up during her company’s creative reckoning at the Lobero Theatre. As the Lobero’s Technical Director, Jared has been ceremoniously tasked with […]

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WEEK 4: The Business of Going Big

“We didn’t come to Santa Barbara to create a safe piece; our intention was always to go big.” Shannon Gillen is addressing the large crowd that has gathered around her in the Lobero theatre’s courtyard for a post-performance celebration, a look of quiet intensity framing her expression as she stuffs her hands into her jacket […]

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WEEK 3: Giving up the Ghost

“Shake out the exterior!” It’s a misty Sunday morning in Santa Barbara and Shannon Gillen is gesturing her arms across a crowded dance studio, pausing just long enough to encourage a flexed foot here, coax a spine there, before launching into the next wave of rousing instructions. “Yes, yes, weighted bodies,” she calls out, and […]

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WEEK 2: Peeling Back the Layers

“I feel really good about where the company is right now.” Jason Cianciulli takes a sip from his beer and tucks an unruly curl behind his ear. “Spending almost twenty-four hours together is really starting to make a difference in the way we work together on stage,” he continues. “I keep thinking how this experience […]

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Rolling in the Deep

The distinguishing scent of tires and perspiration floats through the dimly lit theatre as two dancers roll predatorily across the floor, sneakers and elbows punctuating the air to the refrain of an ambient soundscape. Director Shannon Gillen is pacing thoughtfully, kicking up the rubber mulch that has been scattered across the stage’s expanse, occasionally leaning […]

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