Ten Years of DANCE and Counting

I’m happy to emerge from winter hibernation to update everyone on our plans to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of DANCEworks. We’ve been working away behind the scenes to decide the best way to celebrate the special occasion.  Now it’s official. Our artist in residence this year will be the irrepressible Doug Elkins. He visited with me […]

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In Trust They Broke Beyond

 It’s 6 pm on Saturday evening, and the mood backstage at the Lobero is unmistakably somber. Dancers shuffle quietly between dressing rooms, tugging self-consciously at shirt cuffs and pursing lipstick into place. Nayhara Zeugtrager slides a bobby pin into her hair and lets out an audible sigh, breaking the heavy silence as she sinks dramatically […]

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The Process of Showing Your Underwear

Marcel Duchamp once famously described the creative process as a cooperation between artist and onlooker; cultivated by the former and completed by the latter’s ensuing perception. Only after the hours of artistic distillation had passed over from incubation to observation, he concluded, could the work truly be deemed whole- a notion Kate Weare is examining […]

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Dancing Around the Gender Card

Ensayo. Translated literally from Spanish, it means to test or rehearse. But for a dancer, its connotation dips deep into the psychological well of the creative process, where comfort and safety push actively against a wall of unnerving ideas-anticipating, quite literally, for something to give. Add to that the intimacy of shared meals and living […]

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Collaboration is fraught with danger

Huddled together in the first few rows of the Lobero theatre, they have come to witness the residency’s first unveiling; exploratory phrases that Kate Weare and Esteban Moreno have developed over the course of their first week together. The introductory notes of a restless accordion cry out, and tango dancers Daniel Escobar and Nayhara Zeutrager […]

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Two to Tango

It’s 10am on Day One of the 2017 DANCEworks Residency, and the distinctive rasp of character shoes scraping across the Lobero stage fills the theatre with the electric bustle of fresh beginnings. Contemporary dancer Thryn Saxon slips on a pair of tango heels and hikes up her sweats, navigating her footing as she thoughtfully shifts […]

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