Ten Years of DANCE and Counting

I’m happy to emerge from winter hibernation to update everyone on our plans to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of DANCEworks. We’ve been working away behind the scenes to decide the best way to celebrate the special occasion.  Now it’s official. Our artist in residence this year will be the irrepressible Doug Elkins. He visited with me […]

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Places, Please – Santa Barbara edition

“We’ve done eleven Boleros, and the most open-minded, unabashed, ready-for-anything community was hands down Santa Barbara.” Larry Keigwin is walking thru Central Park after an arduous day of rehearsals, reflecting over the artistic implications of his SummerDance and DANCEWorks residencies, and how they informed his transition from “Larry the dancer, to Larry the choreographer, to […]

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Places Please!

20 minutes to curtain time, and the swell of arriving patrons fills the theatre with mounting anticipation; friends are reunited, stories are shared, and bodies shuffle rhythmically down the aisles. But just beyond the crowds, past the velvet-lined seats, on the outskirts of ticket stubs and chatter, lies a hidden world within tucked-away alcoves, one […]

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  I walked into the quiet theatre yesterday on the second week of DANCEworks 2013, eager to see what Larry Keigwin was up to. To enter the theatre on an ordinary non performance day is to enter a sanctuary.  A very different kind of  “space.”   Somehow the spirits of past performances seem embedded within […]

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Open Call to Join the Dance

Keigwin + Company is currently touring Hawaii.  In between-performances, they are resting up, for what they know will be an intense and demanding residency at DANCEworks in February. The residency will launch with an Open Call on Tuesday, February 12, 6-9 PM at the Lobero Theatre.  We are inviting the public to join the company […]

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Stopping Time

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of a good photographic dance image! I’ve looked at hundreds of dance photos over the years .  Some good, many bad, and a few great.  The great ones are fascinating.  As a child, I was given a book with many photos of the great Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova.  I […]

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Whooooosh.   That was the sound of January flying by.  Soon to be followed by an equivalent sound of February taking flight. All of which signals to me that March 4, 2012 will arrive before I think it should.  Our 4th season. Time to start rallying the troops! Here’s What I Want You to Know: […]

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Fooling Around

    Readers:  Sorry to be so out of touch for so long!  All those not- to- be -ignored holidays, travel,whisky and wild parties consumed  my waking hours. Ok, I was just taking a break. I assume you were too. But now, there can be no more excuses for fooling around.  How about just a […]

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