Dazzled by a Jewel

The word “jewel.” came to my mind at the curtain call. Mo(or)town is now a highly polished gem! Doug has seamlessly told Shakespeare’s Othello story using only four dancers, a handkerchief, classic Motown music, and an intricate and fascinating dance vocabulary that conveys at least as much in movement as the written word. No one but Doug could have done it.

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Five Years, Cheering and Counting!

Woo-hoo and yowza and hoo-ray!  DANCEworks is entering its fifth year in 2013.  So much to celebrate. Last spring we decided that, after four years of heavy use, it was time for a DANCEworks website upgrade. The revamp didn’t “just happen” with the snap of our nimble fingers, but with months of tweaking, refining and asking […]

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It’s so nice to have good friends you can count on who will surprise you with their generosity.  My friends in the dance world are particularly close to me.  And cherished. We turn to each other to share the passion and the precariousness, the thrills and the angst of the dance world.  We cheer each […]

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Moved to Tears

Tears of joy don’t come often in life.  When they do arrive, they catch me by surprise.  It’s a deep experience.  Spiritual too.  The ego is lost for a moment in the miraculousness of the present moment. So it was this morning, as I sat in the Lobero Theatre watching the Elkins dancers rehearse and […]

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