One of my pleasures in life is the discovery that one part of my life has unexpectedly overlapped with another. Currently, my work in the world of contemporary dance is aligning with my ongoing love affair with Japan. Doug Elkins is our 2018 DANCEworks artist-in-residence. Last fall, he accompanied me and my husband to Japan […]

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The Process of Showing Your Underwear

Marcel Duchamp once famously described the creative process as a cooperation between artist and onlooker; cultivated by the former and completed by the latter’s ensuing perception. Only after the hours of artistic distillation had passed over from incubation to observation, he concluded, could the work truly be deemed whole- a notion Kate Weare is examining […]

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Dancing Around the Gender Card

Ensayo. Translated literally from Spanish, it means to test or rehearse. But for a dancer, its connotation dips deep into the psychological well of the creative process, where comfort and safety push actively against a wall of unnerving ideas-anticipating, quite literally, for something to give. Add to that the intimacy of shared meals and living […]

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VIM VIGOR Arrives!

In an endearing flurry of tousled hair and rumpled chinos, they were suddenly here, touching down on Santa Barbara for a swift introduction and an exclusive preview of their remarkable work to come. With engaging vitality and infectious charm, choreographer and director Shannon Gillen, along with Vim Vigor Dance Company members Laja Field and Martin […]

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