A Celebration of Accomplishments

Dianne Vapnek Receives the Santa Barbara Independent’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Dance In 1997, on a warm summer morning in downtown Santa Barbara, Dianne Vapnek threw open the doors of a tucked-away studio and ushered in a new dance festival the likes of which the city had never experienced. Her formula for the […]

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The Emperor has Decreed

     Mark Morris imperiously declared that Modern Dance is “bullshit, ”  in an interview with Elizabeth Schwyzer in the April 26, 2012 Santa Barbara Independent.  Given his less-than-loved reputation among the contemporary choreographers whom I know, I am sure this is not the first time he’s made that statement.  I was offended by his offhand […]

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It’s so nice to have good friends you can count on who will surprise you with their generosity.  My friends in the dance world are particularly close to me.  And cherished. We turn to each other to share the passion and the precariousness, the thrills and the angst of the dance world.  We cheer each […]

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