Adam Barruch Performance and Conversation

To finish my fly-on-the-wall reporting on Adam Barruch’s pre-residency visit to Santa Barbara, Barruch and his longtime partner Chelsea Bonosky gave a performance of their duet Belladonna, based on a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, for an audience of about 90 DANCEworks donors on Sunday, April 19th. The format of the performance was reversed from […]

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Greetings from Your Official Fly-on-the-Wall, or: Adam Barruch Begins

Hello, DANCEworks Dance Buzz readers.  Seeing as this blog is normally the venue for musings and meditations by DANCEworks’ fearless founder and director Dianne Vapnek, I thought I should introduce myself.  I’m Rachel Howard, a dance writer for the San Francisco Chronicle and other publications, as well as a DANCEworks board member–and, for the coming […]

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